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june updates

happy summer everyone! we've got lots of exciting updates so here goes:

  1. Our tour now includes shows at the music mansion (providence, RI) and the cutler mill (Warren, RI).  WE're branching out into new england and we couldn't be more stoked! 
  2. our go fund me campaign needs your help.  we are pretty far away from what we need to successfully accomplish this tour right now.  please share the campaign with anyone and everyone - individuals, companies, and other organizations - whom you think may be interested in supporting us.  we can't do it without your invaluable help!
  3. event pages will start going up in july.  be on the lookout for postings on our event page, and like us on Facebook so you can see them there as well!

ciao for now,


UPDATE: We've got the score

5/16/17: I received the score for timber a few days ago from G. Schirmer, Inc.  Today I spent some time with Bill Whitney over at Calderwood Percussion (avon, MA) hitting wood and talking ideas.  I took a lot home with me; next step?  mic all of it and see how it sounds through a pa/subwoofer!  

The folks over at the waterworks museum and i have some final details to bang out regarding our performance there on november 3rd; after our phone call next week we will hopefully be confirming that show!  

After speaking with Jason McCool over at Aeronaut Brewing Company, there's a lot of exciting avenues That Rest/Noise could take with performing timber through the company's several sites.  More to come!



Aeronaut brewing company wants to partner with rest/Noise to produce timber at the aeronaut brewing company this fall!  More details to come soon!


TIMBER @ the Waterworks Museum

Coming November 2017

Looking forward

Timber is coming along swimmingly.  Currently waiting to hear back from the waterworks museum on our proposal; in contact with aeronaut brewing company regarding a fall show/ ongoing involvement, and waiting to hear back from the open theatre project regarding our date from them as well.  


Phases a success!

WE had a great turn out for our first Concert ever last night, which included an impropmtu, audience-led talk-back following the show.  We are going to be workig closely with Dustin Bell at The Open Theatre Project over the next year and a half, with plans to not only return to perform Timber in the fall, but act as ensemble-in-residence at their HQ, ST. John's Episcopal Church.  Photography was done by Leighanne Evelyn Photography.  Remember, you can still donate to our GoFundMe campaign at this link.

rest/Noise show #1 tonight!

Our inaugural show is tonight!! @ St. John's Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain, MA. let us know if you're coming on our facebook event page. If you can't attend, please consider donating to our fundraising campaign for projects like our 2017 production of michael gordon's Timber and beyond!

Rest/Noise GoFundMe Campaign Live Now

Our campaign is live now!  Head on over here to read about the project and donate.  Any amount is welcome!!   

Timber  Update

It's been some time since my last post.  I'm aiming to be more committed, more productive (including finish this website, HA), and more vocal in 2017.  with that said, I have some exciting news:

Rest/Noise presents Timber by Michael Gordon has been funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council/Cambridge Arts Council with an awarded Creative Presenting Grant of $3,750; and Assets for Artists has generously awarded us a Matched Savings Grant of $1,000!!  This is unbelievably good news; I was absolutely shocked when I first found out in January.  Click Here to read about my realizations and flurry of feelings from the day of! 

We will be seeking additional funding through a GoFundMe campaign (stay tuned!) as well as other sources.  

Additionally, I've had some excellent conversations with various representatives at venues throughout the Greater Boston Area, and the potential list of performance sites for the 2017 Boston Timber are as follows:

  • Multicultural Arts center [Cambridge, MA] - Sept. 21st, 2017, 8pm #confirmed

  • St. John's Episcopal Church, hosted by The Open Theatre Project [Jamaica Plain, MA] - October 2017, date/time TBA #confirmed

  • Waterworks Museum [Brighton, MA] - November 2017, date/time tba

  • Davis Square Theater [Somerville, MA] - October 2017, date/time tba

  • Aeronaut Brewing Company [Somerville, MA] - date/time tba

  • Boston Society of Architects [Boston, MA] - date/time tba


Timber Update

I've decided to push back Rest/Noise's production timeline of Timber  to the Fall of 2017.


Timber Update

I recently met with Eric Metzger, current Director of Museum Services over at the Waterworks Museum in Brighton, MA to discuss the possibility of the museum hosting Rest/Noise for one of our several performances of Michael Gordon's Timber next year.  He was ecstatic about the project, and a totally nice guy to boot!  Looking forward to more!

Shots from within the Waterworks Museum   [Brighton, MA]

Shots from within the Waterworks Museum 

[Brighton, MA]


I recently moved to Quincy!  So happy this gigantic life move (figuratively and literally) took place and that it's all complete.  

Ballin' on a budget.  This is what it look like to finish moving and have to eat dinner without having gone grocery shopping yet.  

Ballin' on a budget.  This is what it look like to finish moving and have to eat dinner without having gone grocery shopping yet.  

Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA)

Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA)

Timber Update

Thus far, we've got two venues nailed down!  January 12th, it's Timber [Michael Gordon] at the Cambridge Arts Center, and March 18th at  St. John's Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain as part of the Open Theater Project Concert Series.  See the Happenings page for more info!

It does not matter how slow you move so long as you do not stop.
— Confucius